Jades Boxers - pure bred boxer puppies for sale in PA in the yard with Azreal

We Currently DO NOT have any babies looking for loving families at this time
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Our Family:

Myself: Logan Hollabaugh


My Wife Jade Hollabaugh


Our Daughter: Azreal - 8 yrs. old


My Father: William


OUR BOXERS: Nikita (14), Hara (5), Sabian (12), Bella (4), Jack (4), Irisis (9weeks), Nuit (9weeks).

RIP: Xena--Calista--Madison--Jessie--BoBo-Jr


Our Cats: RIP: Mystic AKA Grandma Kitty, Nemesis AKA OK

Our Family History:

It all started 16 years ago when Willam gave Logan his first dog, Zena. After 2 years they fell in love with her and the Boxer breed so much they decided to let her have a litter of puppies and kept one of them. They kept Calista, a beautiful Flashy Reverse Brindle female. 1 year later Willam got a Male for himself, Bojangles.

 Bojangles and Calista had 2 litters of puppies in their time and they kept one female from her last litter, Nikita.

 Nikita is also a Flashy Reverse Brindle female like her mother. After Nikita, Logan got one more girl, Madison. Madison is a Fawn female. Since Then William has owned 6 Boxers himself and had continued breeding.

When me and my husband met we were 15 and I fell in love with Zena and Calista and decided to get a Boxer of my own. I got BoBo Nubbins a faithful Fawn Male and 2 years later I got another Male, Sabian. He is a very large 112lb. Brindle Male.

 Every time William had a litter of puppies on the way I was at his house everyday soaking up every minute of it! I loved seeing the whole process of mommy-hood for the girls and then being there for the puppies being born!!

  Next thing we knew, me and Logan were in a serious relationship and moved in together, him owning 4 females; Zena, Calista, Nikita and Madison and me owning 2 males, BoBo and Sabian. A year after we were living together Madison and Bobo had a litter of puppies. Madison was a wonderful mommy and would walk around strutting like a show dog in the ring when she was pregnant and had her puppies. Since then my first male BoBo has passed and we lost Zena (our mama dog) when she was almost 15 and her daughter Calista this past summer at age 14. We have added a beautiful White, non-Albino Female, Jessie to our family as well as one of our little girls from Nikita's last litter. She has been named Hara but is more commonly known as "pants"... yes... "pants". She is a beautiful Flashy Reverse brindle like her mother and grandmother.We have also added one female from Madison's litter, she is our little princess around here and her name is Bella AKA "Girly Girl" and just like her mother is LOVING being a mommy for the first time. She is a beautiful mahogany fawn. Our Latest addition being Jack. He is an amazing member of the family with ALL kinds of crazy antics. full of energy and always finding something to do to amuse himself, and in turn amuse us! He is a Flashy Brindle Male weighing 76lbs.


All of our girls are only bred once a year after the age of 3. We let them have 3 litters of puppies each. Nikita had her last litter in Feb., 2011 and April of 2011 was Madisons last go at mommy-hood. As for Jessie she had her first litter in April of 2010 and was not bred in 2011. Sabian is the VERY happy daddy and assists in raising all the puppies. He is a very good daddy playing with and cleaning all of his babies.

Our doors are open to good natured families looking for the BEST Boxer's around.


ALL PUPPIES WILL COME WITH: Purebred Registration Papers (CKC or AKC), Vet check, First round of shots, Health Certification, Tails docked, Dew claws removed and be in the process of house training along with being de-wormed at 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks of age.

Our Babies will be handled each and every day, they will be conditioned with LOVE, hugs, interaction and the same level of care a normal human would show their children : )


Jades Boxers - our brewed - Beautiful boxer puppies for sale in PA


We take great pride in our Boxers and their puppies, these dogs are like family to us. We handle family pets with strong pedigrees. These puppies are to be sold to loving families to care for them as pets and kept inside the home. We will not sell to anyone who is going to chain their dog to a dog house.


We will NOT ship our puppies, they have to be picked up from our home.

We also require phone consultations before any deposit can be made to hold a puppy. All of our puppies are raised around our 6 yr. old daughter, cats, adult dogs and the rest of my family along with our other daily visitors. All are puppies are naturally and safely socialized to be ready for their happy new forever family! :)

All of our puppies will also be in the process of house training before they go to their new homes!

      NOTE: BUYERS BEWARE: of ICA and ACA registered puppies from other sites, these are proved to support PUPPY MILLS and only puppy BROKERS would allow those types of registrations to be allowed to DESTROY OUR BREED. The ONLY two types of accepted registrations that should EVER be accepted are CKC (Continental Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club). Any other types of registrations allow anyone with any poor genetic animal to register it as purebred under their sites.

BUYERS BEWARE: puppy mills located in Pa are NASTY, they house their adult dogs in rabbit pens on chicken wire to allow the dogs wast to pass through, then they breed these dogs for PROFIT only, selling you inner-bred genetics and very poor quality health. The adult dogs suffer from all sorts of issues yet they still keep breeding them until they die in those cages, unloved and alone. They keep their animals in cages and pens fit for dorph-bunnies. ANYONE who ships their babies should be suspect as PUPPY-MILLS and any sites that condone shipping of those puppies from people you do not know or people you cannot go meet are BROKERS, these people do not care about genetics or proper care for the breed or the animals in general. BEWARE!

Please Research Pa Puppy Mills before you accept any puppy from someone online!

Please, help STOP these people from destroying our trust, our breed and human morality in general.

Read articles like this before buying, its not worth your heartbreak in supporting those people!!!!!

3 local puppy mills make list of nation's worst, 101 worst puppy mills in American and the top 4 worst found in Pa, Lebanon county and Lancaster County Pa. For the safety of your family and Boxer's everywhere, do not support these places or the brokers who push those puppies to you on the internet. IF YOU CANNOT go face to face with the breeder and visit the permanent conditions of the parents and babies, DO NOT DO IT! 

Jades Boxers Litter 2009 - Happy Babies are made with LOVE and proper handling, each and every day of their lives. We respect and adore this breed, for 17 years we have fought to keep the genetics pure and LOVE is the key! :) 

(814) xxx-xxxx

please use the contact form to contact me :)

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